An online Code Editor especially designed to edit your SuiteScript files so that you can customize NetSuite anywhere everywhere.

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How it works?

My Files

Folders and files under "My Files" tab are associated to your Google Account. Create as many folder and files you need.

Manage your personal files.

Rich Code Editor

Edit your files using rich code editor with out of the box support for Suitescript Files. IntelliSense is also available (Press Ctrl-Space anytime to get code hints). You can disable the rich code editor from Setting menu on Navigation menu.

Keep saving your files by pressing the "Save File" button just above the editor. You can also save the file by pressing Ctrl-S keys from the editor.

Rich code Editor

Account Files

Connect to your NetSuite account any time to edit and save files directly to your account. Click "Account Files" tab. Enter your NetSuite credentials. After logging in All your folders will be displayed. Click on any folder to get the list of files.

SuiteCoder uses Netsuite Webservices. Please make sure that your role has sufficient webservice permissions. Don't forget to tick the Sandbox checkbox if you are using a sandbox account.

Manage your Netsuite account files.

File Revisions

Each time you save the file a revision is saved. Click on "File History" button (Just above the code editor) to view all the revisions. Click on any date to compare that revision with current version in your editor

File History